8 Signs That Your Child is Having Trouble Seeing – Victoria Optometry

Parents are busy bees, and many miss obvious signs their child is having trouble seeing. Dr. Sharma stresses the importance of regular eye exam check-ups for everyone, but especially for children. It can affect more than their vision. Young minds can feel excluded or embarrassed because they can’t see clearly. It can also affect their ability to learn. Unfortunately, many children with vision issues think their vision is normal, because they just don’t know any better. It’s up to parents to ensure their children’s eyes are healthy and happy! Read this week’s article on 8 signs that your child is having trouble seeing, and know what to look for in your children!  Read more

Understanding Colour Blindness: What Do You See?

What Does it Mean to be Colour Blind?

There are varying types of colour blindness. Being colour blind is usually inherited; however, it can result from having health conditions, like diabetes. Many people incorrectly assume someone who is colour blind cannot see any colour at all, and only sees black and white. Although this is a form of colour blindness, it is not the most common type. Those who are colour blind, generally have varying levels of difficulty seeing red, blue, or green light, which affects how they see other colours. Read more

Your Family Eye History is Very Important When it Comes To Your Own Eyes

That little area on patient check-in forms about family history is more important than you may realize.
Usually, when patients reach this part of the check-in form they do their best and write something, but fail to write a complete family eye history because they just don’t know. Many eye diseases are hereditary and so knowing your full family eye history helps your optometrist identify potential high-risk areas. Read more

Eye Fact or Myth – Pseudo Eye Health ‘Tips’ Debunked

Have you ever heard of putting a raw steak on a black eye? What about changing the color of your eye with honey? It’s hard to decipher what’s fact and what’s just a plain old myth. Well, you need not look any further because we have gone through and listed some common eye “tips” you may have heard of to see just how true they really are. Don’t be fooled the next time you hear someone say an eye myth! Read more

Dry Irritated Eyes, glasses, flights

How to Treat Dry or Irritated Eyes During a Long Flight

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many Victorians will be hopping on a flight to join families for the long weekend. None of us really mind a short flight, other than the cumbersome check-in dance we all have to do prior to boarding. But a long flight is a whole nother story, am I right? A vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but if you have irritated eyes, an unintended effect of long flights, your trip can take a turn for the worse.

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Do You Get Watery Eyes in the Cold Weather?

Is the colder weather making your eyes more watery? We have been pretty lucky for the most part this September, enjoying sunny days, and only slightly cooler temperatures. But, as the temperature dips lower many of our patients experience watery eyes, especially those that do outdoor activities like run or bike. If this sounds like you, you need to read this week’s blog post all about watery eyes and what you can do about them. We hope you enjoy it! Read more