What Are A Baby’s Eye Development Milestones?

As soon as a baby is born, visual stimulation begins. A baby’s surroundings provide constant information to them even before they are able to do much else like talk, walk, or sit upright. At birth, a baby’s eyes will still need to develop further to fully function as intended. How so? Read this week’s article all about baby eye development milestones.  Read more

Waking up with Sleep in your Eye.

Why Do You Wake Up With Sleep In Your Eyes?

Waking up with sleep in your eyes has happened to all of us. It goes by many names: eye sleep, eye boogers, crust, and even goop. It might not be the most pleasant thing to wake up to, but it is important. So what is it? What purpose does it serve? We got it all covered in this post, so read on!

So what is eye sleep? What purpose does it serve? We’ve got it all covered in this post, so read on!

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What is dry eye syndrome

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Do you experience red, stinging or burning eyes?

You know that feeling when you have stared at your computer screen too long, without so much as a blink? Well, these are some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. A pretty common eye condition among those 50 and above, but can also occur in really, anyone. And, needless to say in today’s digital age, more and more people are feeling the burn (so to speak) that comes with dry eye. Fear not! Read on to understand this eye condition, and how you can help alleviate your eyes (because you can and should see comfortably). Read more

Can't see very well driving at night

Night Driving – I Just Can’t See!

For many of us, we get just a peep of light (if we are lucky) when driving to work. But, when heading home it’s usually pitch dark! With the added winter weather elements, night driving is tough for even the most experienced drivers. Driving safely should be a priority for all of us, so this week’s article is dedicated to helping you see better at night. Read more

What is Astigmatism

What Is Astigmatism?

“You have astigmatism.” Is it an eye disease? Will I lose my eyesight? Can it be corrected? So, what is astigmatism? Fear not, this article will help spell out common misconceptions, and help shed some light on this eye condition.  Read more

Presbyopia - What is age related vision loss

Age-Related Vision Loss – Why Does it Happen?

On the exterior, the aging process is quite obvious. Usually, the first signs are most noticeable in our skin. We begin to lose elasticity, we try to preserve it as much as we can through diet, exercise, and countless other ways. But, have you ever thought about age-related vision loss? Have you ever heard of Presbyopia?  Read more

Eye Care

Eye Care: How Do I Keep My Eyes Healthy At Home

A simple, but common question I receive from patients is: “how can I care for my eyes? Most of us know that we should eat a balanced diet, and exercise. But, not much education is provided on daily eye care. It is certainly something worth knowing, because when it comes to your eyes, you only have the one pair for life!

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How to clean you glasses properly

How Do I Clean My Glasses Properly?

For some people, their glasses are more important than any other article of clothing, jewelry, or fashion accessory. They are the first thing they wear when they wake up and the last thing they put down before bed. They are worn continuously, and in all conditions (sometimes even in the shower for those who can’t distinguish between the conditioner and shampoo)! So how do we keep them clean?  Read more

Eye makeup can harm your eyes

Is Eye Makeup Harming My Eyes?

A lot of women wear eye makeup daily, but what you don’t know about eye makeup could really hurt your eyes! I know what your thinking, “great now eye makeup is harming my eyes, is there anything that doesn’t harm them?!” This post is absolutely not going to tell you to STOP wearing it, but inform you how to wear it without compromising the health of  your precious peepers!  Read more