Keep Your Children’s Eyes Safe Over The Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner! It’s an exciting time filled with food, family, and gifts! If you have children they are surely excited to see what gifts Santa gives them this year! Don’t let a toy injury ruin your family’s Christmas. Read on to learn about toy safety and how to keep your children’s peepers safe over the holidays.

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Children’s Eye Safety Tips For Halloween

The most frightful day of the year is soon to be here! Halloween is sure to give people of all ages a scare! But, when it comes to your children, being a little prepared can ensure they will enjoy this spooky day just the way you want them to, without any unplanned frights like an eye infection. Your little one is probably already excited for Halloween, and may even have a costume picked out. But is it safe for his or her eyes? Check out this week’s article all about Halloween children’s eye safety tips.

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