Do You Get Watery Eyes in the Cold Weather?

Is the colder weather making your eyes more watery?

We have been lucky for the most part this winter, enjoying sunny days, but also cooler temperatures. This has many of our patients complaining about watery eyes, especially those that do outdoor activities like run or bike.Why does this happen? An easy answer – lubrication! Your eyes will try to overcome environmental factors like wind, which can cause eye irritation or dryness by producing more tears. This is your eyes way of ensuring they are properly lubricated.

What can you do to help combat teary eyes in this cooler weather? Dr. Sharma recommends that as a first line of defense, patients wear goggles or sunglasses to help protect the eyes from colder temperatures. Lubricating eye drops as well as hot compresses may be used to alleviate excessively water eyes.

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