Diabetes and your eyes

How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes

Diabetes is a disease which effects many Canadians. Many of us are aware that diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to regulate insulin. But did you know that it can lead to vision loss?

Those who have diabetes should see their optometrist on an annual basis to assess the effect of the disease on the eyes. Read more

Glaucoma Causes, Prevention & Treatment – Learn about Glaucoma

Did you know glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in Canada?

Some of you may have heard of this debilitating eye disease, or know of someone who has it. Unfortunately, however, I come across many patients who are completely unaware of it, or who are misinformed, and so I want to take this time to shed some light on this very serious eye condition. Read more

Do You Experience Vision Changes During Pregnancy?

My wife has been experiencing vision changes during pregnancy, and so I set out to write this article for all moms-to-be and pregnant women.

Pregnancy can affect a women’s vision. It is not often talked about; however, among the vast amount of other changes you may be experiencing, you also might not be seeing as well as you did pre-pregnancy. Why? The effect of changing hormones and fluids like blood and water may change the shape of the cornea and lens. Read more