Lifestyle Choices & Glaucoma

Do Lifestyle Choices Prevent Or Slow Down Glaucoma?

There is no doubt that there are a number of factors that play into our health. Top of mind for most people when it comes to their health is their genes. What are you predisposed to because of your genes? Although we cannot change our genes, there is something we do have control over that is also a significant factor in our health – lifestyle. Each one of us is affected by our lifestyle choices. This week we will examine whether one’s lifestyle choices can prevent or slow down glaucoma progression. Read on to find out!

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Low Vision

Causes Of Low Vision & Low Vision Aids

Many people are unaware of what low vision really means. Is it anyone whose vision is below 20/20? Or does it mean being nearsighted or farsighted? Although, these terms do explain vision issues, low vision or partial sight is reserved for those people who are unable to see clearly after all corrections, like glasses, contacts, or surgery. However, it is important to note that low vision is different than being legally blind. Learn why in this week’s blog post, which will touch on what low vision is, it’s causes and available aids. Read on to learn more about low vision!

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Eye Protection: How To Watch The Epic Total Solar Eclipse Safely

If you haven’t heard about the total solar eclipse predicted to occur on August 21, 2017, in the US, mark your calendars now! Many Canadians will be no doubt traveling across the border for this event (courtesy of the universe)! But, before you plan on enjoying the eclipse you must know how to protect your eyes. Looking at the eclipse with no eye protection can cause serious irreversible eye damage. So learn how to watch the epic total solar eclipse safely in this week’s blog post. Happy reading!

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Retinopathy : How Does Diabetes Effect The Eyes

Diabetes Canada estimates a 44% increase in the prevalence of diabetes by the year 2025. It is no secret that many Canadians have diabetes, or at risk for getting this disease. Many of us know loved ones who are diabetic or are diabetics themselves, and are aware of how common it is, but are you aware of its effects on the eyes? This week’s article will explore how diabetes can cause retinopathy and its effects on the eyes. Read on and become aware!  Read more

Never ignore eye pain

The Retina’s Function, Anatomy, & Related Diseases

Have you ever heard of the word retina? Sure you have; it’s something to do with the eye. Yes, it is a very important part of the eye, so this week’s article will be dedicated to the retina’s function, anatomy, and related diseases. We hope after you read this week’s blog post, you will be more knowledgeable on what the retina does. Happy reading! Read more

Does Sound Influence Sight?

Is what we see with our eyes transmitted to our brain without any other influences? Why would what we hear make a difference in what we are seeing? The image in front of you, is as we see it, isn’t it? This week’s article will explore whether or not our sense of hearing affects what we see. We hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

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Technological Advancements Using The Eye

Technological Advancements Using the Eye

In today’s world, there are new technological advancements occurring every day. Our world has shifted and continues to shift towards being technology centered. Our daily interactions, for example, happen via smartphones. We can video chat with our loved ones from across the world. Our cars are moving towards being self-driven. Who would have thought (perhaps the makers of The Jetsons) that we would rely so much on technology so much and so quickly? Several technologies that have already been developed or are in development focus on using the human eye. And this leads us to this week’s topic. Read on to learn about some interesting technological advancements using the eye!  Read more