What is dry eye syndrome

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Do you experience red, stinging or burning eyes?

You know that feeling when you have stared at your computer screen too long, without so much as a blink? Well, these are some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. A pretty common eye condition among those 50 and above, but can also occur in really, anyone. And, needless to say in today’s digital age, more and more people are feeling the burn (so to speak) that comes with dry eye. Fear not! Read on to understand this eye condition, and how you can help alleviate your eyes (because you can and should see comfortably). Read more

Pink eye, victoria, bc

What is Pink Eye? The Real Answer Might Surprise You

Are you seeing pink?

The Great Misconceptions About Pink Eye

Have you ever had pink eye? If so, you might have assumed it was from feces coming into contact with your eye (yuck). Or worse yet, people around you also might share this misconception. Well, this article is here to set the record straight. Yes, you can get this eye condition from bacteria found in feces, but this is not the only cause and is usually not the main reason why many develop pink eye. Read on to learn what exactly is pink eye! Read more