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Children’s Eye Exams For Back-to-School in Victoria, BC

Wow, can you believe we are so close to back to school? I can hear parents rejoice at the sound of this. Although the end of the summer is generally a busy time for most families, it is important your children’s eyes are healthy and their vision is clear. Up to 80% of learning is acquired visually, so seeing clearly is vital to your child’s development. Learn all about children’s eye exams and why paying a visit to your local Victoria eye clinic is important for back to school.

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Does wearing glasses make your eyes weaker?

Does Wearing Glasses Make Your Eyes Weaker?

You may have heard this before, or maybe you have thought it yourself. “Does wearing glasses make your eyes weaker?” Well, it is a valid question if you consider that according to the Vision Council of America, approximately 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction. So, let’s explore this question in detail in this week’s article. We hope you enjoy it!

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8 Signs That Your Child is Having Trouble Seeing – Victoria Optometry

Parents are busy bees, and many miss obvious signs their child is having trouble seeing. Dr. Sharma stresses the importance of regular eye exam check-ups for everyone, but especially for children. It can affect more than their vision. Young minds can feel excluded or embarrassed because they can’t see clearly. It can also affect their ability to learn. Unfortunately, many children with vision issues think their vision is normal, because they just don’t know any better. It’s up to parents to ensure their children’s eyes are healthy and happy! Read this week’s article on 8 signs that your child is having trouble seeing, and know what to look for in your children!  Read more