Optometry Terms Explained

Do you know what myopia or strabismus mean? Many common optometry terms are just not familiar to the general public. But, knowing these terms could prove to be important because it could help you understand your eyes better. This week’s blog will help explain some common optometry terms. Don’t worry if you don’t know any of these, you can rely on your family eye care professional to explain anything relevant to your eyes at your next regular eye exam.

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Are your children seeing clearly

Tune in to Your Children’s Eyesight -Are They Seeing Clearly?

It’s almost that time again; back to school! Parents are rushing to get school supplies, clothes, sports registrations, and so much more. But what about your children’s eyesight? Are they seeing clearly? 80% of what we learn is achieved visually. So seeing clearly is vital for young growing minds. Without it, your child could be suffering more than just in their grades.

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