VR Glasses on Young Girl

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe For Your Eyes?

You’ve heard of virtual reality (VR) headsets, right? These headsets are becoming more and more popular, allowing users to transport themselves into an entirely different world. The technology is being used not just for entertainment, but its use in the workplace is also being explored. In the not too distant future, employees may have VR headsets instead of computer screens. Amazing, but are they safe for your eyes?

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Is blue light harmful to your eyes

What Is Blue Light? Is It Harmful or Beneficial?

If you haven’t heard of blue light, you should become familiar with it! Your being exposed to blue light right now as you read this very post! So why should you care about it? Well, there may be some unwanted long-term effects on your eye health, but there also may be some benefits to blue light as well. Read on to find out how to benefit from blue light and steer clear from its dangers.  Read more