Victoria Optometrist

What Things To Look For In An Eye Doctor

Finding a new eye doctor can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you know if someone is a good fit for you? Finding a trust-worthy optometrist might feel overwhelming because there are so many options. Fear not, we have got you covered in this week’s blog post all about things to look for in a Victoria optometrist! Let’s begin…

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Eye Freckle

Eye Freckle: Should I Be Worried?

We all know about freckles or moles on our skin, but did you know that they can appear on the eye as well? An eye freckle can also be in the back of your eye! So should you be worried? Don’t fret in this week’s article we will break down what eye freckles are and whether you should be concerned about them. We hope you enjoy!

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Children's eye exam

What Does 20/20 Vision Actually Mean?

“I have 20/20 vision.” This probably doesn’t mean much to the general public, other than it helps describe someone with good vision. But, these numbers do mean something. They are a measuring tool in the world of optometry. Learn exactly how in this week’s article on what 20/20 vision actually means. Hope you enjoy it!

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Only need eye doctor if there's a problem?

I Only Need To See My Optometrist If I Have An Eye Issue, Right?

Generally, you see a doctor when you are experiencing a problem. For example, your ear has been aching, so you make an appointment with your family doctor to see if it is an ear infection. Turns out it is, and you are prescribed an antibiotic. This traditional reactive concept of care can be applied in some instances when it comes to your body, but what about when it comes to your eyes? Do I only need to see my optometrist if I have an eye issue? The short answer is no. Find out why in this week’s article!

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Eye Care

Eye Care: How Do I Keep My Eyes Healthy At Home

A simple, but common question I receive from patients is: “how can I care for my eyes? Most of us know that we should eat a balanced diet, and exercise. But, not much education is provided on daily eye care. It is certainly something worth knowing, because when it comes to your eyes, you only have the one pair for life!

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Protect your eyes while playing sports

Eye Protection is No Joke when it comes to Playing Sports

A lot of talk about safety has surrounded sports lately. Will Smith even starred in a movie called Concussion, a true story based on groundbreaking research on chronic brain injuries in football players. More information about the long-term effects of sports injuries, especially to children, has brought a long overdue awareness to this topic. But not much talk has surrounded preventable sports-related eye injuries. That’s right, sport-related eye accidents happen all the time, and 90% of them are preventable with protective eye gear!
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Your Family Eye History is Very Important When it Comes To Your Own Eyes

That little area on patient check-in forms about family history is more important than you may realize.
Usually, when patients reach this part of the check-in form they do their best and write something, but fail to write a complete family eye history because they just don’t know. Many eye diseases are hereditary and so knowing your full family eye history helps your optometrist identify potential high-risk areas. Read more