Eye Care

Eye Care: How Do I Keep My Eyes Healthy At Home

A simple, but common question I receive from patients is: “how can I care for my eyes? Most of us know that we should eat a balanced diet, and exercise. But, not much education is provided on daily eye care. It is certainly something worth knowing, because when it comes to your eyes, you only have the one pair for life!

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Critical first aid for eye injuries

Critical First Aid Care for Eye Injuries

In those precious seconds after some sort of eye ‘incident’, the choices you make could just save your eyesight. Do the right thing, and you can get to the hospital in time and give yourself a fighting chance. Do the wrong thing, and you could permanently damage your eye resulting in a lifetime of sight issues. The two examples below describe specific eye emergencies which require very different procedures. Be informed and save someone’s eyesight. Read more

Swimming With Contact Lenses? The Dangers Might Surprise You

I’m sure many of you can answer yes to this question. Yikes! Jumping into a swimming pool with your contact lenses on can be risky. We know what you’re thinking, “what am I supposed to do, wear my glasses?” It can be frustrating as a contact lens wearer to enjoy a pool without being susceptible to dangerous microorganisms. We hear you! But it’s extremely important swimmers take precautions to protect their eyes. Read more