Eye Knowledge

Eye Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About Eyes?

We all use our peepers every day. We rely on them to help us navigate the world. But, how well do you really know your eyes? Read this week’s article about some interesting facts and some things everyone should know about their eyes, but probably don’t. We hope you enjoy it and gain some useful eye knowledge!

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Optometrists & eye injuries

Did you know Optometrists are Trained to Treat Eye Emergencies?

It may be an obvious yes to some, but surprisingly many patients are unaware that their local optometrist is actually the first place they should pay a visit to when dealing with an eye emergency. Not a hospital. Since childhood, we have all had it ingrained in us that in a case of an emergency call 9-1-1, well not when it comes to your eyes. Your best bet is to see your optometrist. Why? Simply put, optometrists are trained to deal with all sorts of eye emergencies. Read more