Buying contacts online, is it safe?

Is It Safe To Buy My Contact Lenses Online?

Online purchases have skyrocketed in the past few years. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. So why not buy your contact lenses online too? Buying your toilet paper from an online retailer is a lot different than buying something that is going to go into your eyes! This week’s article will help you learn the risks and be a more informed shopper when it comes to your eyes.

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When Is My Child Ready For Contact Lenses?

Wow, another summer has almost flown by. I can’t believe we are almost into September and I am sure parents can’t either. Back to school time can bring on a flurry of emotions for both children and parents. This year your child may ask you, “Can I wear contacts lenses?” Many parents are unsure about how to answer this question, so this week’s article is going to help educate you on when your child may be ready for contact lenses!

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Are My Glasses & Contact Lens Prescriptions The Same?

“Are My Glasses & Contact Lens Prescriptions The Same?” So many of us wear either contact lenses or glasses. We rely on them to get us through our day. Some people love one over the other, whereas others switch between the two. What many of us might not know, is that all prescriptions are not the same. Prescriptions do differ for contacts and glasses. Read all about it in this week’s blog post!

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Do You Sleep With Your Contacts In! Learn The Facts!

Do you sleep with your contacts in? If so, you may be putting yourself at significant risk. Although for many people it seems like no big deal, I would strongly advise you to think again! Read this week’s article about sleeping in your contacts, which eye doctors call overwear, and the real dangers associated with it.  Read more

using the right contact lens solution

Are You Using the Right Type of Contact Lens Solution?

Not all contact lens solutions are the same! That’s right. Many patients don’t know this important piece of information (or at least have forgotten it). Solutions may be bought because of loyalty to a particular brand name, or price. But, neither of these reasons are the most optimal way of picking the right contact lens solution.

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Swimming With Contact Lenses? The Dangers Might Surprise You

I’m sure many of you can answer yes to this question. Yikes! Jumping into a swimming pool with your contact lenses on can be risky. We know what you’re thinking, “what am I supposed to do, wear my glasses?” It can be frustrating as a contact lens wearer to enjoy a pool without being susceptible to dangerous microorganisms. We hear you! But it’s extremely important swimmers take precautions to protect their eyes. Read more

Do You Wear Your Contacts All Day Long?

For anyone who cannot function without their contact lenses, listen up, this tip is for you!

We hear consistently from many of our patients they have a habit of putting their contact lenses in before they even brush their teeth in the morning and only remove them right before bed. Read more