How Do We See Colour?

Have you ever wondered how we actually see colour? Do we all interpret colours in the same way?  These are very interesting questions and so we decided why not dedicate this week’s blog post to understanding how we see colour. I hope you enjoy it and check out some of the cool links! Enjoy…

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Understanding Colour Blindness: What Do You See?

What Does it Mean to be Colour Blind?

There are varying types of colour blindness. Being colour blind is usually inherited; however, it can result from having health conditions, like diabetes. Many people incorrectly assume someone who is colour blind cannot see any colour at all, and only sees black and white. Although this is a form of colour blindness, it is not the most common type. Those who are colour blind, generally have varying levels of difficulty seeing red, blue, or green light, which affects how they see other colours. Read more