Binocular Vision Issues

Binocular Vision: Is Your Child Having Trouble With Reading?

As humans, we greatly rely on our vision, so much so that it has been estimated that 80% of what is learned is through sight. But, if your vision is compromised, navigating day to day can become extremely difficult, especially for a child. We know vision is critical for a young developing mind, but there isn’t enough emphasis on ensuring not only can our children see clearly, but that they have healthy eyes too. This week’s blog post will highlight binocular vision issues and why it can make a difference in your child’s ability to learn how to read.

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VR Glasses on Young Girl

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe For Your Eyes?

You’ve heard of virtual reality (VR) headsets, right? These headsets are becoming more and more popular, allowing users to transport themselves into an entirely different world. The technology is being used not just for entertainment, but its use in the workplace is also being explored. In the not too distant future, employees may have VR headsets instead of computer screens. Amazing, but are they safe for your eyes?

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When Is My Child Ready For Contact Lenses?

Wow, another summer has almost flown by. I can’t believe we are almost into September and I am sure parents can’t either. Back to school time can bring on a flurry of emotions for both children and parents. This year your child may ask you, “Can I wear contacts lenses?” Many parents are unsure about how to answer this question, so this week’s article is going to help educate you on when your child may be ready for contact lenses!

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