Night Vision Issues

Are You Experiencing Night Vision Issues?

Are you experiencing night vision issues? Seeing correctly in low light is something every one of us relies on, yet many people suffer from poor vision in the evening; especially with age. Read this week’s article to learn more about why night vision issues appear and what can be done about it. We hope you enjoy it!

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How To Prevent Diabetic Related Eye Diseases - featured image

How To Prevent Diabetic Related Eye Diseases

November is diabetes awareness month. Diabetes is a prevalent health concern for all Canadians. It is estimated by Diabetes Canada that by the year 2025, five million Canadians will be living with this disease. In our previous articles, we’ve highlighted the negative effects diabetes can have on your eye health. However, this week’s article will focus on reducing risk and preventing diabetic related eye diseases. Read on to learn about how simple steps could help you keep your eyes healthy for life!

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The Eye Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin

The Eye Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin

Yep, it’s officially October and many of us are excited for all the fall festivities, which of course includes pumpkin everything! It is especially popular in things we eat and drink, from lattes to pies and everything in between. But, are there eye health benefits to eating pumpkin? Read on to find out. Read more

Smoking is harming your eyes

Smoking is Harming Your Eyesight – It’s Time to Quit

We are now more aware than ever about the negative effects smoking has on our lungs and heart. There are over 4,000 chemicals found in one cigarette, as well as cancer causing carcinogens. But, did you know smoking also affects your eyes? That’s right, this not so nice habit can have serious sight threatening consequences to your (irreplaceable) precious eyes! Read more

Cataracts Causes, Prevention & Treatment – Learn About Cataracts

What is a Cataract?

When the lens in the back of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, it is called a cataract. Cataracts can vary from extremely small areas of cloudiness to large areas, which may cause a significant decline in vision. Cataracts are usually caused from ageing, and on average occur in people over the age of 60. This condition can also be caused from trauma to the eye and from particular medications. Newborns can also develop congenital cataracts.

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