During your eye exam, did you learn anything?

Your Eye Exam – Did You Feel Informed About The Results?

Is your family eye doctor speaking in complicated medical lingo which you just don’t understand? Optometrists go through rigorous medical training, and sometimes may not realize their patients need eye conditions explained in practical terms. At Inner Harbour Optometry we get that! Dr. Sharma, who is the owner and primary optometrist at the clinic, makes a conscious effort to ensure his patients understand their eye exam results. After all, knowledge really is power. Read more

Smoking is harming your eyes

Smoking is Harming Your Eyesight – It’s Time to Quit

We are now more aware than ever about the negative effects smoking has on our lungs and heart. There are over 4,000 chemicals found in one cigarette, as well as cancer causing carcinogens. But, did you know smoking also affects your eyes? That’s right, this not so nice habit can have serious sight threatening consequences to your (irreplaceable) precious eyes! Read more

Reading tears and their story

Tears Can Tell Their Own Story?

When is the last time you shed a tear? I know the last time I did, I was so overjoyed at the sight of my baby girl being born, I couldn’t hold back the tears! As humans, we use different types of tears to express emotion. Tears are complex, they flow when we are happy, sad, excited, mad, confused, and for so many other feelings. Tears are used as a means of communication, but they are not all alike and each has their own story.

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Critical first aid for eye injuries

Critical First Aid Care for Eye Injuries

In those precious seconds after some sort of eye ‘incident’, the choices you make could just save your eyesight. Do the right thing, and you can get to the hospital in time and give yourself a fighting chance. Do the wrong thing, and you could permanently damage your eye resulting in a lifetime of sight issues. The two examples below describe specific eye emergencies which require very different procedures. Be informed and save someone’s eyesight. Read more

Eye tattoos are not the best idea.

Eye Tattoos, it’s a Real Thing!

The first thing that I felt when I read the words ‘eye tattoos’ was a shiver down my spine! Getting an eyelash stuck in your eye is bad enough, but having a syringe voluntarily poked into your eye, is just – well we will let you fill in the blank. Read more

Protect your eyes while playing sports

Eye Protection is No Joke when it comes to Playing Sports

A lot of talk about safety has surrounded sports lately. Will Smith even starred in a movie called Concussion, a true story based on groundbreaking research on chronic brain injuries in football players. More information about the long-term effects of sports injuries, especially to children, has brought a long overdue awareness to this topic. But not much talk has surrounded preventable sports-related eye injuries. That’s right, sport-related eye accidents happen all the time, and 90% of them are preventable with protective eye gear!
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