Eye Protection: How To Watch The Epic Total Solar Eclipse Safely

If you haven’t heard about the total solar eclipse predicted to occur on August 21, 2017, in the US, mark your calendars now! Many Canadians will be no doubt traveling across the border for this event (courtesy of the universe)! But, before you plan on enjoying the eclipse you must know how to protect your eyes. Looking at the eclipse with no eye protection can cause serious irreversible eye damage. So learn how to watch the epic total solar eclipse safely in this week’s blog post. Happy reading!

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Retinopathy : How Does Diabetes Effect The Eyes

Diabetes Canada estimates a 44% increase in the prevalence of diabetes by the year 2025. It is no secret that many Canadians have diabetes, or at risk for getting this disease. Many of us know loved ones who are diabetic or are diabetics themselves, and are aware of how common it is, but are you aware of its effects on the eyes? This week’s article will explore how diabetes can cause retinopathy and its effects on the eyes. Read on and become aware!  Read more

Only need eye doctor if there's a problem?

I Only Need To See My Optometrist If I Have An Eye Issue, Right?

Generally, you see a doctor when you are experiencing a problem. For example, your ear has been aching, so you make an appointment with your family doctor to see if it is an ear infection. Turns out it is, and you are prescribed an antibiotic. This traditional reactive concept of care can be applied in some instances when it comes to your body, but what about when it comes to your eyes? Do I only need to see my optometrist if I have an eye issue? The short answer is no. Find out why in this week’s article!

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Should I Buy My Sunglasses From An Optician?

It is a hot one today, Victoria! With summer comes the sun, which means get out your sunglasses, right? Well, in actuality you should always have your shades close by because they are necessary not just in the summer. So, because sunglasses are really a year-round necessity, this week’s article is going to focus on whether or not you should purchase your sunglasses from just a general store or even online versus an optical store. I will outline some surprising differences (from an unbiased point of view), and hopefully, make you more informed on this topic.

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High Prescription Glasses

Which Type Of Glasses Lens Best Fits My High Prescription?

Do you have a high prescription? If you do, like many people, you probably have a hard time finding the right fit when it comes to glasses. You may notice many glasses make your face appear distorted due to your prescription. Because of this, some people opt out to wear contact lenses (not by choice). I wanted to write an article on this topic as so many of my patients are in this boat. There are options, but many people just are uninformed or misinformed. Read this week’s blog all about how to choose the best lenses when you have a higher prescription. I hope you enjoy it!

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The Anatomy of the Iris

The Iris – Its Anatomy, Function, & Related Eye Diseases

It’s a bright sunny summer day and you forgot your sunglasses. You walk outside and instantly you have a natural, knee-jerk reaction to squint. Why? It’s obvious you are squinting because of the sunlight. Similarly, your iris does the same. But, exactly why and how does this happen? Find out in this week’s blog post all about the iris – it’s anatomy, function, and related eye diseases.

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The Lens of the Eye – It’s Function, Anatomy, & Related Issues

This part of the eye is quite flexible. It can change its shape to help focus on objects at varying distances. What part of the eye is this? The lens! Welcome to the second part of our blog post focusing on the different structures that make up the eye. This week’s blog will focus on the lens’ function, anatomy, and related diseases. We hope you enjoy it!

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Never ignore eye pain

The Retina’s Function, Anatomy, & Related Diseases

Have you ever heard of the word retina? Sure you have; it’s something to do with the eye. Yes, it is a very important part of the eye, so this week’s article will be dedicated to the retina’s function, anatomy, and related diseases. We hope after you read this week’s blog post, you will be more knowledgeable on what the retina does. Happy reading! Read more

Does Sound Influence Sight?

Is what we see with our eyes transmitted to our brain without any other influences? Why would what we hear make a difference in what we are seeing? The image in front of you, is as we see it, isn’t it? This week’s article will explore whether or not our sense of hearing affects what we see. We hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

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